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Kaitlyn Barr. Muir Street primary. Walking through the forest.

Health Walk Programme 2015

Health Walk Summer Programme 2014

Newsletter Issue 25 - summerAutumn 2014

Newsletter Issue 24-SummerWinter 2013

Newsletter Issue 23-Spring2013

Newsletter Issue 22-Autumn 2012

Newsletter Issue 21 - Summer 2012

Newsletter Issue 20 - Autumn 2011

Newsletter Issue 19 - Summer 2011

Newsletter Issue 18 - Spring 2011

Newsletter Issue 17 - Winter 2010

Newsletter Issue 16 - Summer 2010

Newsletter Issue 15 - Spring 2010

Newsletter Issue 14 - Winter 2009

Newsletter Issue 13 - Summer 09

Newsletter Issue 12 - Spring 09

Newsletter Issue 11 - Winter 08

Newsletter Issue 10 - Summer 08

Newsletter Issue 9 - Spring 08

Newsletter Issue 8 - Winter 07

Newsletter Issue 7 - Summer 07

Newsletter Issue 6 - Spring 07

Newsletter Issue 5 - Winter 06


Smartways Greenlink Cycleway Map

Mountain Bike Zone Map

Fly Tipping Poster Competition

Fir Park School Winners of Fly Tipping Competition

Braidhurst High 2nd Place in Fly Tipping Competition

Calder Primary Entry 3rd Place Fly Tipping Poster Competition

Greenlink Annual Reports

Download the latest versions from the link below.

 Annual Report 2009 - 2010Annual Report 2006 - 2007

Annual Report 2005 - 2006

Annual Report 2007 - 2009

Annual Report 2009 - 2010



Greenlink Online Survey Report

Winter 08/09 an online survey was completed by visitors to the Greenlink Website. The results were very encouraging. Read the report below to find out what the community thinks about the Greenlink.

Greenlink Online Survey 2009

Greenlink Youth Survey

Click the link below to download the results of the Greenlink Youth Survey carried out in Spring 2007.

Greenlink Youth Survey

SMARTways Route Map

Click the link below to download a route map of the Greenlink cycleway and surrounding area.

Greenlink Map
Greenlink route

Please contact the Greenlink to request paper copies of these publications

Greenspace SROI Report

Download the latest research from Greenspace Scotland

Greenspace Social Return on Investment Research

Greenlink Slovakian Report

Greenlink Slovakian Report 2010

The Greenlink — See the full map
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